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Third-graders - February 2009

Bushland Elementary School

Third-graders at Bushland Elementary School are being recognized as the Celebrate Education February Class Act for designing an interactive medical school complete with a hands-on operating table.

"Not only did the students learn, but they became the teachers, and they won't forget this," Principal Bobbye Morgan said. "The students got every book they could find, borrow or steal, they used the Internet, used the community and experts in the medical field to create this medical school."

The Class Act recognition acknowledges outstanding achievement or special effort in the field of education. The class was presented a $200 check from partners in the Globe-News' Celebrate Education initiative.

The 95 students who worked on the project learned about each system of the human body.

The medical school resembled an emergency room complete with teachers dressed in scrubs, an oxygen tank, IV bags and an X-ray station.

"Who would have thought that your ear has three bones in it?" said 8-year-old Macey Thurman, a tour guide for the skeletal and radiology section of the school. "That was the craziest thing I learned."

The students have been working on the school since October and opened it to parents with a holiday presentation. And the medical school was more than just an anatomy lesson.

"When they could write their songs and use that vocabulary, I knew they had ownership of the information," third-grade teacher Carol Hicks said. "This was a way to meet all their learning needs from art, music and math to language arts and reading."

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