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Fulfilling her potential

Brenda Davis
Age: 50
Occupation: Financial adviser

Where did you receive your education?
College: Clarendon College, West Texas State University.

How has your education played a role in your life today?
Attaining my degree helped me develop perseverance and tenacity. I could not have the career I have today without my educational background.

What was your greatest educational challenge and how did you overcome it?
I married very young and had my children while attending college. My spouse at the time was not very supportive, and it was difficult to juggle my family responsibilities along with my classes. I overcame that by keeping my eye on the big picture and realizing that short-term sacrifice leads to long-term gain.

What is the value of your education?
Even tough it is a cliche, my education is priceless. After my family, it is the most valuable asset I have.

What would you say to someone who's undecided about continuing their education?
Education is your ticket to wherever you want to go in life. It's something no one can ever take away from you and can really make a difference in the long-term well-being of your family.

When did you make education a priority?
I don't ever remember education not being a priority for me.

What made you realize the importance of education in your life?
Growing up in a small town, I had friends from all socioeconomic backgrounds. I realized that what made the difference in their circumstances was their parents' vocations. Coming from a lower socioeconomic level, I recognized that to rise to a higher level, I would have to obtain a degree. I had some teachers who really encouraged me and made me believe I had a lot of potential.

Did you ever think about quitting? What made you keep going?
There were times I considered giving up, but I never accepted that as a real option. I just kept my eye on the goal and tried to ignore the roadblocks along the way.

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