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Longing was worth it

Looking to the end result aided perseverance

Dessiree Alicia Williams
Age: 22
Occupation: Accountant at Trinity Fellowship

Where did you receive your education?
Amarillo College; West Texas A&M University.

How has your education played a role in your life today?
I studied things in college I wouldn't have otherwise, broadening my understanding of how concepts of many subjects relate to everyday life.

What was your greatest educational challenge and how did you overcome it?
Graduating summa cum laude proved to be quite a challenge. Lack of sleep, time or will was a continual threat. By looking ahead to the end and longing for the sense of accomplishment, I was able to persevere through the many obstacles.

What is the value of your education?
Education cannot really be measured, because it can only be as great as the person who obtains it allows it to be. I highly value my education for the skill set it has given me for not only my work life, but my personal life as well.

What would you say to someone who's undecided about continuing their education?
I have found that college has more to do with the development of a person as a whole than merely a steppingstone to a better job. One not only acquires skills useful in the work force, but also the ability to see, hear and think things that otherwise would not be encountered.

When did you make education a priority?
I have always tried hard in school. From counting exercises in kindergarten to business calculus in college, I found a way to make what I was doing personal to me.

What made you realize the importance of education in your life?
My parents instilled in me the desire to succeed in every aspect of life. I developed an understanding of how a good education prepares me for doing what I am called to do in the future.

Did you ever think about quitting? What made you keep going?
There were always those days when I felt like the burden of a high expectation was too much. I managed to keep my head above water by breaking down the unmanageable to manageable pieces.

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