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Campus winners named to compete in Potter County Senior Spelling Bee

Akshay Raghuram of Sleepy Hollow Elementary School won the Jan. 11 Potter County Junior Spelling Bee, successfully spelling the word "privilege."

Ben Juba of St. Andrew's Episcopal School was second.

Campus winners were recently named to compete in Friday's Potter County Senior Spelling Bee. Winners and alternates from the campus bees include:

Johnny Allen Sixth-Grade Campus: Stephanie Burciaga, daughter of Carlos and Claudia Burciaga. Alternate is Joel Carrillo.

Austin Middle School: Beth Thompson, seventh-grade daughter of Amy and Tommy Thompson. Alternate is eighth-grader Audry Bridgewater.

Avondale Elementary School: Tory Layne Daniels, fifth-grade son of Jon and Teri Medlock. Alternate is fourth-grader Jared Aragon.

Belmar Elementary School: Raven Landers, fifth-grade daughter of Katina and Joseph Landers. Alternate is fourth-grader Brooke Bentley.

Bonham Middle School: Anjali Raghuram, eighth-grade daughter of Nankishore and Anuradha Raghuram. Alternate is sixth-grader Catherine Tu.

Bowie Middle School: James Killham, seventh-grade son of Andrea Killham. Alternate is seventh-grader Troy Cartwright.

Carver Elementary Academy: Rhett McAdoo, fifth-grade son of LaRoyce and Becky McAdoo. Alternate is fifth-grader Kourtney Fernandes.

Coronado Elementary School: Wendy Tarr, fifth-grade daughter of Curtis and Myrna Tarr. Alternate is fifth-grader Molly Craven.

Crockett Middle School: Grace Douthitt, seventh-grade daughter of Amy and Jim Douthitt. Alternate is seventh-grader Muhammad Subhani.

de Zavala Middle School: Clinton Kelley, eighth-grade son of Angela Boyd and Jim Kelley, is the senior champion. Will Bagley, fifth-grade son of Andrea Bagley and Austin Bagley, is the junior champion.

Eastridge Elementary School: Nola Inthirath, fifth-grade daughter of Khieo Inthirath and Brenda Misquez. Alternate is fourth-grader Ashton Thephaphine.

Fannin Middle School: Nathan Zebley, sixth-grade son of Jamie McClary. Alternate is sixth-grader Gabriel Rico.

Forest Hill Elementary School: Rubi Robledo, fifth-grade daughter of Hector and Margarita Robledo. Alternate is fifth-grader Valery Pacheo.

Hamlet Elementary School: Alina Garcia, fifth-grade daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Garcia. Alternate is fifth-grader Persianae Easley.

Highland Park Elementary School: Aerial Ann Applegate, fourth-grade daughter of Crystal Cox and Roy Applegate. Alternate is fifth-grader Kanci Matheson.

Highland Park Middle School: Sharley Hale, eighth-grade daughter of Billy and D'Anna Hale. Alternate is sixth-grader Sarah Casillas.

Holy Cross Catholic Academy: Daniel Huseman, seventh-grade son of Ray and Kim Huseman. Alternate is sixth-grader Kristin Huseman.

Houston Middle School: Sidney Key, sixth-grade son of Jessica and Ira Key. Alternate is sixth-grader Mariana Lopez.

Humphrey's Highland Elementary School: Ivey Arenas, fifth-grade daughter of Rudy and Shelly Arenas. Alternate is fifth-grader Brandon Romero.

Lee Elementary School: Areli Ramos, fifth-grade daughter of Norma Ramos and Jose Tovar. Alternate is fifth-grader Alexander Ma.

Mann Middle School: Jessie Howard, eighth-grade son of Shane and Amber Howard. Alternate is seveneth-grader Karina Franco.

Mesa Verde Elementary School: Kasidee Olivarez, third-grade daughter of Rodney and Rhonda Olivarez. Alternate is fifth-grader Jasmine Coleman.

Oak Dale Elementary School: Robert Frausto, fourth-grade son of Tommy and Shyla Castro. Alternate is fourth-grader Ambriel Ruelas.

Olsen Park Elementary School: Ellie Billingsley, fifth-grade daughter of Michael Billingsley and Casey Billingsley. Alternate is fourth-grader Bryan Anders.

Paramount Terrace Elementary School: Mason Lang, fourth-grade son of Julie Lang and Tabor Lang. Alternate is fifth-grader Desiree Kinney.

Pleasant Valley Elementary School: Jordan Madrid, fifth-grade son of Jason and Gari Madrid. Alternate is fifth-grader Victoria Needham.

Puckett Elementary School: Brooke Reeves, fifth-grade daughter of Berin and Catherine Schneider. Alternate is fifth-grader Soren Martin.

Ridgecrest Elementary School: Robert Talmadge, fourth-grade son of Janyth Talmadge. Alternate is fourth-grader Taylor Gray.

River Road Middle School: Kale Norman, sixth-grade son of Robbie and Julie Norman.

Rolling Hills Elementary School: Seth Barbarino, third-grade son of Lenny and Mary Barbarino and Mandy and Jason Tateravic. Alternate is fifth-grader Brody Askins.

St. Andrew's Episcopal Elementary School: Ben Juba, fourth-grade son of Bob and Amy Juba. Alternate is fifth-grader Joshua Beggs.

St. Andrew's Episcopal Middle School: Kunal Mehta, eighth-grade son of Rahul and Nita Mehta. Alternate is sixth-grader Rahel Tekeste.

St. Joseph's Catholic School: Ambrose Castillo, fifth-grade son of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Castillo. Alternate is fourth-grader Ben Fullerton.

St. Mary's Catholic School: Gabriella Young, fifth-grade daughter of Patricia Silva Griffin. Alternate is third-grader Kiera Johns.

San Jacinto Elementary School: Stacie Landureth, fifth-grade daughter of Jennifer Maples and John Landureth. Alternate is fifth-grader Victoria Woodruff.

Sanborn Elementary School: Victoria Bustos, fifth-grade daughter of Mary Bustos. Alternate is Adrian Diaz.

Sleepy Hollow Elementary School: Akshay Raghuram, fifth-grade son of Nandu Raghuram and Anuradha Gopalachar. Alternate is fourth-grader Nandini Ray.

South Georgia Elementary School: Hayden Stout, fifth-grade son of Rhonda and Ricky Stout. Alternate is fifth-grader Dalton McKillip.

South Lawn Elementary School: Bryena Daniels, third-grade daughter of Jeffrey and Amanda Wilkins. Alternate is fourth-grader Sam Pearson.

Tradewind Elementary School: Yesenia Perez, fifth-grade daughter of Irma Gomez. Alternate is fifth-grader Mark Stephens.

Travis Middle School: Bruce Ngo, eighth-grade son of Xe Van Ngo and Mai Bui Ngo.

Trinity Lutheran Christian School: Nikki Tweet, fifth-grade daughter of Rod and Cheryl Tweet. Alternate is third-grader Evan Pollreisz.

Western Plateau Elementary School: Sydney Reighter, fifth-grade daughter of Nicole and John Reighter. Alternate is fifth-grader Amber Allen.

Windsor Elementary School: Brittnee Talley, fifth-grade daughter of Scott and Gina Talley. Alternate is fifth-grader Jules Daly.

Wolflin Elementary School: Aubrey Watson, fifth-grade daughter of Daryl and Becky Watson. Alternate is third-grader Alexis Pearson.

Woodlands Elementary School: Sanjay Venugopal, fourth-grade son of Kalkunte and Rama Srivenugopal. Alternate is fourth-grader Rohit Merugu.

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